Community Solar NY Program

Community-Solar is a New York State shared solar program which offers all utility customers the opportunity to switch to solar at no cost, with nothing on their roof or property, and receive immediate savings on their
electric bill.

Green Rain Solar has been working with New York State; the PSC, NYSERDA, Governor’s Office for the past 10 years, helping pass the Community-Solar legislation. Green Rain Solar Consulting has partnered with the leading roofless community shared solar providers, offering individual customers a seamless transition to automatic monthly savings.


Easy for Everyone

✓ Available to all New York utility customers – residential, business, nonprofit, and renters
✓ Nothing on your home or office building
✓ $0 upfront cost, $0 ongoing costs – ever
✓ Instant 15% to 25% savings on your electric bill 25+ years of savings
✓ Move to a location and the savings stay with you (as long as you move within the same utility zone)
✓ Optimally situated and fully maintained solar arrays for maximum power generation
✓ Internet and smart-phone monitoring to easily track performance and savings

How it Works

a. A solar farm is built on a “Host Site” roof top or ground mount, a remote location within a Utility Zone
b. The system is tied directly to the utility grid, bypassing any on-site meters
c. All of the power produced by the system can then be credited to any individual utility customer, at zero cost,
instant savings
d. The savings will be credited to the individual customers bill for 20 years+


Become a Host Site

Allow Green Rain Solar to lease your roof space or land, secure;
• Minimum 50,000sqft of roof space
• 20 Year Lease Payment, annuity, approx. $30,000 per MW per year
• 4 Year Property Tax Abatement, up to $62,500 per year
• Possible NYC CEP rebate, up to $2.50 per sqft in a property tax abatement
• Up to a 15% credit on the property owner’s utility bill
• Up to a 15% credit on any utility bill which the property owner has, located within Coned territory
• Offer the same credit to your tenants
• Branding of the system, show the local community that you’re giving back through free marketing “The Property Owner, Community Solar System”, fantastic Free PR
• Receive Solar Tracking Software with a mounted screen at the property, have your customers see in real-time; how many Kwh are being produced, how much CO2 NO2 reduction and other environmental benefits


All of this for Zero Cost


How will the system effect mine and my tenant’s meters;
• Green Rain Solar installs a brand-new meter, which ties directly to the gird. The system will not affect any of your utility bills. The more meters you own throughout Coned, the more the property owner can start saving today.

Key Facts to Know


Rooftop System
• Will there be holes in my roof?
No, the solar system will not “penetrate” the roof, no holes drilled in the roof. The system is known as “Ballasted’ which eliminate the need to drill holes. The base of the panels will have a cinder block, holding them down for wind lift code. The engineers and local code enforcement will decide which areas need the cinder blocks.
• Will this affect my roof warranty?
No, we will perform a site visit with the roofing manufacture to go over the material and current warranty, we will not build if the age of the roof is nearing its end of warranty. Solar actually helps the warranty of a roof, by limiting natural elements wear and tear.
• What if I need a new roof?
If you’re looking to replace the roof, we could look to subsidize the cost of the roof, in lieu of lease payments
• What’s the minimum roof size?
50,000sqft would be the minimum although we look at all properties as we could consolidate
smaller properties into a larger portfolio of systems, look to maximize the roof.

• What if I sell the building?
The lease is assignable to the new owner which would increase the property value due to increase rent roll. However, if the new owner does not want to keep the lease, then Staples or the new owner would need to pay an early termination fee.
20-year lease “annuity” will increase operating cash flow, increase NOI and give the ability to secure a loan at a higher value


Next Steps

✓ We would like the opportunity to review with you, your portfolio throughout Con Edison as well as NY State, see which properties are most ideal to become a host site, for Community Solar
✓ We will perform a feasibility study, at zero expense to you
✓ The feasibility study will include; site visit, speaking with the roofing contractor and manufacturer as well as the utility
✓ Once feasibility is completed, we will to present a lease option agreement and discuss becoming a Host Site

Please let us know if you have any questions, reach out anytime as we’re here to help.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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